The Lord your God is a consuming fire” – Deuteronomy 4:24.

This verse explains that “God is a consuming fire” (Deut. 4:24).   God’s fire provides warmth, light, laughter, and love to everyone.  Since God gave us His Holy Spirit, we have this awesome fire within our heart.  Everyone loves bonfires right?  Well, let me share what comes to mind whenever reading this verse:

In my family, almost every summer night ends with a bonfire at the boat house.  We absolutely love being on the lake and refuse to leave its waters when the stars come out at night.  Therefore, when it becomes too dark to ski, swim, or kayak; someone starts a fire and texts “bonfire at the boat house!” to all who aren’t already present.  Soon enough the s’more stuff comes out and the marshie roasting competition begins.  Everyone’s a winner because everyone has their own marshie making style:  Connie Lou (burnt to a crisp), Robin (golden brown), Randi (fall off the stick gooey and golden), Kathy (hmm she loaded up on chocolate but forgot the marshie) and Esso (straight out of the bag and into her mouth).  As we sit around the bonfire, we are filled with joy from the blessings that surround us.

The boathouse bonfire will eventually go out; however, God’s fire will never stop burning.  Every day we choose whether our fire for Christ is a raging bonfire or smoldering embers.  How does our flame burn brighter?  By adding fuel to it.  At the boat house we use newspapers, cardboard boxes, and freshly cut wood to keep our s’more maker blazing.  A spiritual fire requires fuel such as verse memorization, praying, bible studies, worship, and fellowshipping with others.

I pray that we train daily by adding spiritual fuel to the Holy fire already burning within.


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