We believe that the purest hockey experience is rinkrat hockey.  Our memories:

School being cancelled due to a snow storm and kids just naturally ending up at the rink for a day of hockey – no coaches, drills, or rules.

Seven hour Saturdays: never ending games of pipes, pom-pom-pull away, ball hockey, cops & robbers, and shinny. Parents grilling at the rink. Using the bathroom’s hand dryers to warm up our skates.

Shoveling the lake on New Year’s Eve so that we could watch the fireworks as we skated into the New Year.

Remembering the rink on a Wednesday night filled with hockey players – girls, guys, young, and old mastering their moves.

Skating the varsity practice after school, then catching the end of Pee Wee practice before going home for dinner. After eating, heading back to the rink to skate with the Old Timers.

rink rat hockey evolution

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