How do I communicate with the camp?


What should I do if I can’t download the brochure off the website?

How do I register for camp?
Mail in the completed registration/waiver forms and your check to:
RinkRat 19
PO Box 148
Warroad, MN, 56763

How do I know that I am registered for camp?
Your check has been cashed and you’ve received a confirmation email.

What if one or neither of those has happened?
Please email:

Is equipment provided?
No.  Kids will need to bring their own equipment.

What should campers wear?
Athletic apparel (shorts, t-shirt, and shoes).

Can parents come and watch camp sessions?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
No refunds after June 1, 2016.

Does RR19HS provide lunch?
No.  Kids should bring their own lunch.

Will there be food options at the arena for my child?
Yes!  There will be healthy snacks and chocolate milk available for purchase at the RinkRat 19 Snack Shop.

Can I leave money at camp for my kid to use throughout the week to buy snacks, raffles, and merchandise?

Does RR19HS provide housing?

Where do families stay if they’re from out of town?
Hotels, campsite, or resorts/cabins on our beautiful Lake of the Woods.  Check out the Warroad website for more information:

RinkRat 19 HS Awards
What is this?
A celebration of our week at camp.  On Day 5 of camp, there will be a huge picnic meal and a presentation of awards in the Warroad Olympic Arena lobby.  Campers and coaches will eat for free.  Highlights:  camp slideshow, raffle prizes given, camp award winners announced, and pictures/autographs with the coaches.

Can non-campers attend?

Can non-campers eat?
Yes!  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends can join the festivities by purchasing a $5 plate.

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Mail completed registration form, signed waivers, and check to:

RinkRat 19 LLC
PO Box 148
Warroad, MN, 56763


Gigi Marvin - Team USA

Milica McMillan - U of M

Sarah Erickson - U of M

Lynn Astrup - UMD

Sidney Morin - UMD

Layla Marvin - UND

Lisa Marvin - UND

Tori Williams - UND