About Us

The goal of RinkRat 19 Hockey School is to enhance individual skill development in an enjoyable environment.  We provide four different components each day of camp:  on-ice, dryland training, off-ice game, and team building.  Gigi Marvin is the owner and head on-ice instructor at RR19HS.

On-ice sessions will include our unique skating drills that focus on balance and edges.  Ice time is also filled with skill work, competitive drills, and small-area games.

Dryland training is a mixture of stickhandling, shooting, and full body workouts.  The workouts focus on building strength and speed through explosive single leg jumps, core training, sprints, and agility.

Off-ice games such as soccer, baseball, kickball, and capture the flag are camp highlights and a great way to increase athleticism while providing rest to skating muscles.

Team Building is a variety of leadership development, mental skills training, and Q&A with Gigi and the coaches.

We are passionate about hockey and excited to help you elevate your game!

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