What an awesome week of RinkRat 19 Hockey School in St. Paul. Robin and I enjoyed the company of 53 young kids and a handful of phenomenal coaches. It was our 4th year running the cities camp and each year it has grown tremendously.

Without a doubt, I will always remember this camp for the never-ending smiles and laughter. It was so enjoyable to see the kids waiting on the benches, desperately hoping the Zamboni would hurry up! Those times, waiting to hit the ice, were definitely my highlight of camp. Whether I was listening to their hilarious stories or hearing what career they wanted to pursue; it was fun developing a relationship with the kids. For example, I had the greatest conversation with a camper who will study neuroscience when she grows up. Her reason for studying it blew me away: to understand why people make decisions. Then she began sharing her faith and how that applies to decision making. She’s 12.

Another great area of camp was our coaches. Kathy, Jeannie aka “Captain Awesome,” Ben, Sophie, Meghan, and Lee poured so much energy and enthusiasm into teaching. Plus, how can you not love skating with a couple National Champion Gophers?!?

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this camp a huge success. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to skating with you at next year’s camp!

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